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Theresa May In a statement on the weekend's EU summit in Malta, Mrs May told MPs: "Our European partners now want to get on with the negotiations. So do I, and so does this House, which last week voted by a majority of 384 in support of the government triggering Article 50. "There are of course further stages for the Bill in committee and in the Lords and it is right that this เสื้อผ้ายกโหลราคาส่ง process should be completed properly." She added: "But the message is clear to all - this House has spoken and now is not the time to obstruct the democratically expressed wishes of the British people. "It is time to get on with leaving the European Union and building an independent, self-governing, global Britain." Image copyright PA Image caption Labour's former deputy leader is seeking guarantees for EU citizens in the UK The legislation comes back to the Commons on Monday for three days of debate culminating in a vote on its third reading. Among the amendments that could be be debated on Monday is one tabled by former Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman calling for a guarantee that all nationals of other EU countries lawfully resident in the UK at the time of last year's referendum should have the right to remain after Brexit. Mrs May has said she wants an early agreement on their status but is resisting calls from many MPs to offer a unilateral guarantee - saying she wants reciprocal guarantees from other EU countries about UK citizens living on the continent. Ms Harman's amendment has the backing of the Lib Dems, SNP and the one Green MP - although it would need the support of a number of Conservatives for it to pass. Labour is also seeking a "meaningful vote" in Parliament on the final deal struck between the UK and the EU before it is voted on by the European Parliament. The BBC understands some Conservative MPs have held discussions with Labour MPs about forcing the PM to concede a vote if there is no agreement on the UK's future trade relations with the EU. Downing Street has insisted that it is "not contemplating" a scenario in which there is no deal with the EU and the bill does not need to be amended. Ministers have said they believe the UK will be able to agree the terms of its separation and the outline of a trade deal within the two-year timeframe and even if there is no trade agreement, the UK will leave the EU anyway.

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