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So this is your way of respecting women? Your entire career is based on making fun of others and fowl language. Just saying, Stacy Renae wrote. Many also called Handler too political, although it should be noted that the New Jersey native openly supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign. She also famously doesnt have a filter, which applies to her social media pages as well ( her topless pic on top of a horse mocking Putin is a prime example). Last week, Nordstrom announced it was dropping Ivanka Trump products from its website, citing poor sales as the reason for the change. The decision followed President Trumpsexecutive order that banned immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. Although the company released a memo thatexpressed support for immigrants just days before dropping Ivanka Trumps label, Nordstrom denied any connection . They couldnt handle the political pressure, someone new came in, and there was a change in the attitude toward the brand, a source told Refinery29 . Trump says his daughter has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom. Oh, was she detained for 19 hours when she tried to enter the store?

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