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Yet he is both an insider and an outsider. While he has been with the group since joining as an intern three decades ago, he is the first chairman who is not a Parsi, the shrinking ethnic group of Zoroastrians that boasts a disproportionately high number of Indias business elite. He is onlythe third person without the Tata name to get the job, and the first without a close family tie to the Tatas. IT Career Moreover, his career and success has all been with TCS, virtually an island within the group that serves many of the worlds top corporations with a young, skilled, technical workforce.As head of Tata Sons, he will be responsible for a conglomerate that assembles buses in Zambia, servesprawn kalimiri to diners at its Bombay Brasserie in London, sells salt to Indian families at 18 rupees (26 cents) a kilo, and runs hundreds of other businesses across the world. He served both TCS and the customer commendably during the BofA-ML merger. Now he has the chance to build a positive organization by bonding together various companies and their half-a-million plus employees, said S. Ramadorai, the previous CEO of TCS. He is non-confrontational and, at the same time, does not foolishly ignore problems. Chandras appointment came after TCS announced it had made the equivalent of $1 billion in quarterly profit for the first time. Tatas star unit accounts for over half of the groups market value.

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The Astana talks will adopt a different approach, focusing strictly on military developments ahead of the discussions in Switzerland in February. - 'Only military' talks - Ahmad Ramadan, from the leading National Coalition opposition group, said the Astana talks would aim to reinforce the truce "while the details of the political process will be left to Geneva". Osama Abu Zeid, a legal adviser to rebel groups, said rebels were encouraged to attend by the fact that "the agenda will be focused only on the ceasefire". The opposition's delegation to Astana "will be only military" but will consult "a team of legal and political advisers" from the High Negotiations Committee umbrella group, he said. For Syria expert Thomas Pierret, the participants "will discuss military questions because those are the only ones they agree on". US President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has been invited but has not yet officially responded. Earlier this month, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said he was "optimistic" about the talks and would be "ready for reconciliation with (rebels) on condition that they lay down their arms". Hundreds rallied Monday in the Kurdish city of Qamishli in protest at the exclusion of Kurdish political or military groups from the peace talks. - 'Huge reinforcements' - Syria's conflict began with protests against Assad in 2011, but it has since morphed into a war that has killed 310,000 people and witnessed the rise of radical jihadists like IS. The group advanced Monday around the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, cutting off the regime's access route to a nearby airport.

That's a wonderful thing. Marietta must be very hospitable to the college students." Brinkman said SBR had 14,000 nominations and it was narrowed down to eight to determine who the finalists will be. The finalists will be put up online for vote on Feb. 9. "Marietta has always been a persistent town," said U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R. Ohio. "Every time this town has been devastated by floods, fires or whatever, they have always picked themselves up and got back to work.

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