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L.A. launches crackdown on unlicensed marijuana businesses; more than 500 people are charged

L.A. launches crackdown on unlicensed marijuana businesses; more than 500 people are charged All of the defendants were charged with unlicensed commercial cannabis activity within the city, which carries a potential sentence of six months in jail and $1,000 in fines. Local judges have been hearing the cases since May with arraignments scheduled through the end of October, Feuer’s office said. Though the number of defendants is staggering and will make a dent in unlicensed operations in the city, the larger aim of the crackdown is to try to level the playing field for the marijuana businesses that are following the rules, Feuer said. “If they’re going to go through this process, it just cannot be the case that others that flout the rules are allowed to function,” Feuer said. “It’s bad for those who buy from them, it’s bad for the communities in which they’re located and, again, it threatens to undermine the viability of a system that’s predicated on lawful licensing.” As of Thursday, there were 165 approved cannabis storefronts and delivery businesses operating in Los Angeles, but many more without licenses are also open in Los Angeles. The crackdown reached all corners of the city, from South L.A. and Boyle Heights to communities in the San Fernando Valley and the Westside, officials said. “It’s important that every element of the new recreational marijuana regime in our state be implemented in a way the voters anticipated in the first place,” Feuer said. Some of the unlicensed storefronts were near schools or didn’t follow city regulations regarding security, among other things, Feuer said. Without proper permitting, there is no way for customers to know that the marijuana they’re buying is safe from toxins or other contaminants it’s exposed to when it’s grown, he added. “Today, we are letting our residents and those who want to flout our laws know that the city is not going to stand idly by, while the safety of our communities are at risk,” Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nury Martinez said in a statement.

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These unexpected breaks in momentum have prevented the Dodgers from embarking on the one- or two-month tears that have become the norm in recent years. Their current division lead is their largest of the season. “It’s not that we turned it off,” Jansen said. Jansen pointed to the injuries that sidelined him, Justin Turner and Clayton Kershaw. He mentioned the slumps that endured by various players, including himself. “I think this year it was such a battle for all of us,” Jansen said. “Things were tougher this year. You see us play, we always battle. It’s not like we just turn the switch on. It’s just that we find it at the right time.” The Dodgers were 1-6 against the Reds.

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