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Not only had I internalized one of the oldest ways that women turn against other women by deeming their interest in aesthetics insipid while praising men who care about the same things but I had continued to make excuses for the men I encountered professionally. The task of constantly having to assert my value started to seem insurmountable, and I was disgusted with myself for the role I had played in perpetuating my own form of misogyny. When the same foreign publisher came knocking asking me to sign a waiver allowing him to use my work (without pay) in a collected volume that they would print and sell in perpetuity, I flatly refused. When he asked what amount it would take for me to reconsider, I consulted The Writers Market guide and sent over a number just under their recommendation. His response: You and I both know that is ridiculous. The ease with which he talked down to me even as he sought my work was a wakeup call. กระเป๋า แบรนด์ ราคา ถูก facebook (He later backpedaled when I mentioned where I got the figure, asserting that he used the same guide when setting rates for other writers I guess just not for me.) The interaction left me fuming, but it also helped me draw a line between the casual devaluation of women I saw on the menswear blogs and the more direct devaluation of womens work in a professional sense a line that had always existed. I stopped reading many of these blogs, in part because I could no longer look past the frat bro lite way they spoke about women as side chicks or slam pieces. It no longer seemed like a linguistic affectation to me. It seemed instead to validate the mistreatment that women face day in and day out and to undermine their attempts to be taken seriously.

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